Sunday, March 18, 2018

Cognitive Processing

Cognitive processing therapy is so freaking intense!!! It takes so much energy, I always feel like I'm gearing up to run a marathon or something, I'm actually out of breath during the therapy sessions, like more so than I am if I'm actually doing something physical. It's so intense but it is helping so much, I feel like I am finally getting the care that I needed 8 years ago!!!! Even 12 year ago!!!!

To my fellow friends who have turned 30 or about to turn 30 or hit any kind of milestone, just know that it's never ever too late to do things that you want to do or that you need to do for yourself in order to feel good. I was told time and time again that it was too late to do anything about what I went through, that that opportunity was gone, but I found a therapist who validates me and I finally had the guts to tell her what I really needed and be assertive about it and we are on a mission now and it's scary and difficult but wonderful at the same time. Always know that it's never too late. If there's something you regret not doing years ago, you can still do it now. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't because you can.

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