Saturday, February 3, 2018

For My Fellow Full House Fans...

To my fellow Full House fans, ponder this for a moment...

What if Danny had died and Pamela survived and was raising the three girls herself? How would our perceptions of that be different? In the current show, we accept that fact that their father would have a hard time raising three girls all alone and that he needs two friends to move in and help him. Would we accept that if it were their mother who survived? Would we understand why she needed her sister-in-law and her best friend to move in and help her raise her daughters? Or would we expect her to do it on her own? How would we feel about three women raising three girls? Would we view it as a success that the girls are doing so well in spite of losing their father, or would we just *expect* everything to work out fine?

Now here's an even bigger question - Uncle Jesse. What if it were the above scenario, where their mother survived and her sister-in-law and female best friend moved in to help raise the girls. What if instead of Uncle Jesse, the girls had a 26-year-old aunt who was wild and rode a motorcycle and played in rock concerts and was living this young wild party lifestyle, and she gave it up to help raise the girls? Would we see it as the major sacrifice that we see in Uncle Jesse? We would think that it was so over-the-top sweet that she loved her nieces so much that she was willing to miss those wild parties in order to read bedtime stories and tuck the kids in at night? Would we have the sympathy and compassion for her that we have for Uncle Jesse? Would we fully *get* how big of a deal it is for her to make that lifestyle change? Or would we just *expect* it? Would we just act like that was what she was supposed to be doing anyway?

What about the episode "Seven-Month Itch," where Uncle Jesse misses his rock and roll days and runs off to be with his friends? Would we understand that kind of crisis if it was their aunt instead? Would we see it as valid? When their mother tells their aunt that it's okay if she needs to run away and take time off sometimes, would we view that as reasonable, or would we expect their aunt to grow up and leave that lifestyle behind?

What about "Dr. Dare Rides Again," where Uncle Jesse almost tries a dangerous stunt on his motorcycle to prove that he's still the same wild guy he always was? When Stephanie tells Jesse's friends that he took her class on a trip to the dairy farm and he gets embarrassed because that's the opposite of what he and his friends think is "cool," would we accept that from an aunt? Would we accept that their aunt has a desire to be the hot young wild gal that she's always been, that she doesn't think taking some kids on a field trip is as cool as being in a rock and roll band and partying all night? How would we feel about her attempting a dangerous stunt while being in a mother type of role to her nieces, because being that wild chick she used to be matters more to her? Would we ever give her the empathy and understanding and validation that we all gave to Uncle Jesse?

Something tells me we wouldn't.

And that's why I'm terrified of becoming an adult in this kind of a world. 

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