Saturday, May 27, 2017

You Can Always Turn Raw

To everyone out there who began with some sort of raw talent that you cultivated and polished until it turned into something productive...

If you ever feel like you're missing something, if you ever feel like you aren't being as creative or free with your talent as you once were, if you ever question whether you are using your talent the way that you want to use it...

You can always turn raw. And by that I mean, you can always revert back to that raw talent that you had before anyone taught you what to do with it. Go back to finger painting. Get paint all over the walls and the floor. Throw every odd ingredient you can find into a blender and see what happens. Sing whatever lyrics pop into your head to whatever tune pops into your head. Write without punctuation or "proper" grammar or paragraph breaks. Color without paying attention to the lines.

Remember how you used to dance before you took dance class? Remember how you sang before taking voice lessons? Remember how you made up stories before you learned how to write stories? Remember how you used to finger paint before learning how to use a brush? Go back to whatever you might have done with your talent before you were taught what to do with it. Go on. It's there. That raw talent is still in you. Make a mess. Let your talent explode.

Once you've exploded, once you've done magical things with your untamed raw talent, you can always polish it. You can always go back and use all your technical skills to perfect it. You'll still have those skills, even if you take a break from them for a while.

Polish is great. But polish goes on the outside. That raw talent you began with can always be at the core.

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