Monday, February 13, 2017

Something I Need to Clarify

I ONLY do things in dead silence. If you ask me for help with something, fine. But if while I'm trying to look up the thing or read something or help you in any way, you start eating in a way that makes noise or drinking in a way that makes noise or tapping your fingers on the desk or chewing gum or talking to yourself or anything whatsoever that makes noise, I WILL NOT HELP YOU. That goes for not just work related stuff too. If you wanted me to look up something on my phone or show you a picture or something and you are making noise, I will not continue doing the thing until I have quiet. I mean this seriously. I will not read without quiet. I will not THINK without quiet. I don't care how important it is. If you want me to do anything all at, you have to be COMPLETELY quiet. This has always been true but I'm finally going to start enforcing it.

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