Friday, February 3, 2017

J. K. Rowling Gets It

[Harry Potter Spoilers]

J. K. Rowling has said in several interviews that she had known from the start who would die by the end, but there was one character that she changed her mind about, and she killed off a different character instead. The character she changed her mind about killing was Arthur Weasley. He was originally supposed to die when Nagini attacked him in the Ministry, but instead he survived the attack. J. K. Rowling has said that she couldn't bare to part with Arthur Weasley because he's one of the only good father figures in the books, but she also has said that she couldn't do what she would have had to do to Ron if she killed off his dad. Ron would have been completely different from then on, obviously not as funny or lighthearted, the whole tone of the books would have been different if Ron had changed in that way. She knew that she needed Ron to stay Ron, and that was part of why she decided not to kill off Arthur Weasley.

She could have cheated. I mean, she literally has complete control over the characters and everything they do, she could have killed off Arthur Weasley and had Ron not be as broken and damaged inside as he actually would be, and have him still be the lighthearted and funny one in the trio. But she didn't. It did not occur to her to cheat. It was just a non-negotiable fact that if Ron's dad died, Ron would not be the same person again, and if that was going to be a problem, then she had better not kill his dad.

She gets it.

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