Saturday, February 4, 2017

Harry Potter Thing

It really bothers me that in the 7th book, when the trio is on the run, they never ever do any kind of personal, distracting, self-care activities like reading a book or listening to music or anything personal like that. They never take a break from being focused on the fight. I know at the start of the book they celebrate Harry's birthday and go to Bill and Fleur's wedding, which is good, and at a certain point, they are constantly on the run and fighting so there would be no chance to sit and read a book or anything like that, but I'm talking about the in-between time, when they're staying in the tent out in the woods. I thought the part with them staying out in the woods went on way too long and I would have liked the story to cut to the action much quicker, but if we're going to see them spend so much time hiding out, then I would have appreciated seeing them do self-care things like reading or listening to music or something like that. Ron listens to the radio constantly but again it's only to hear the news and make sure none of his family has died. I would have liked to see that kind of self-care portrayed as a normal, acceptable way to respond when horrible things are happening, and not have it feel like you have to be 100 percent focused on fighting all the time.

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