Saturday, February 4, 2017

Goals List and Progress

My idea of having the goals list has worked out really well so far!

It's only the beginning of February, and so far I've done three things on my goals list! Those things were finishing the February coloring calendar, printing some memes as party decorations, and writing a new quiz for my quiz book. Having the list is really satisfying, just like it was when I was younger. I know I would have still finished the calendar, but I'm not sure if I would have accomplished the other two things if I hadn't written them down.

The list has been helpful because in times when I'm feeling bad, I tend to forget about what will make me feel better, and I end up doing things that make me feel worse. The list has been helpful because the other day I was staring at my walls thinking that I wanted more party decorations but I couldn't think of what, and then my list reminded me of all the other decorations I wanted to make!

I've also decided to label items on the list. I'm using "BB" to stand for "Back Burner," as in something that I'd like to do at some point, but I'm not especially interested in doing it right now, so I probably won't get to it this month. That way I don't feel pressured to get it done within any specific time frame, but it's still on my list so I'll remember it in case I'm looking for something to do. I'm also going to use "NM" to mean "Next Month" for things that I may want to push off to next month, but not push off indefinitely like the back burner items. Right now I have several projects that I am pushing off until after my birthday party is over, and I've labeled them Next Month so I don't feel any pressure to do them now.

I'm hoping that this list system can continue, it seems to be working well so far and making me feel better.

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