Monday, February 20, 2017

Accepting Apologies

Something I want to work on this year is actually saying "I accept your apology" or something along those lines. I've never said that before - I've always just said, "That's okay" in response to people apologizing, but I don't want to say that stuff is okay when it was truly not okay. I've always said it, I've never known any other way of accepting an apology, so this year I really really want to practice just saying "I accept your apology." Or maybe that's too formal-sounding. I once heard someone say "Thank you for apologizing," so maybe some form of thanking the person for apologizing would sound less formal. I don't want to sound formal or polite or like I'm giving a scripted response, I just want to say something other than "it's okay" in cases where the action was not okay.

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