Sunday, February 19, 2017

30 TV Show Challenge in One Day

1. A Show that Should Have Never Been Cancelled: Ghostwriter! That was one of the coolest shows ever and it got cancelled when I was little and was just getting into it. Ghostwriter is a mystery show for younger kids, but I was slightly too young for it when it was on - I liked it some of the time, but there were parts that were too boring to follow, too much talking, that sort of thing. I started watching it again on YouTube a few years ago, but I missed getting to see it when I was at the exact right age where the pacing would have been just right for me.

Also, it's never revealed on the show who Ghostwriter is, but we get some clues, and the kids say in the first episode that maybe they can eventually help ghostwriter figure out who he is. It was revealed in 2010 that ghostwriter used to be a slave who had escaped and was secretly teaching people how to read out in the woods. He was caught and murdered but his spirit lived on, and that's why he can read and travel from word to word. If the show had not been cancelled, I assume that at some point, they would have done an episode where the kids figured this out and it would have been amazing!

2. A Show that You Wish More People Were Watching: Wimzie's House. I've re-watched it in recent years and I am seriously impressed with how validating it is. All of the adults on the show are so validating to the children's feelings, there isn't a strong sense of hierarchy or "do this because I said so," and they go in depth to explain a lot of things. I wish kids today still had Wimzie's House.

3.Your Favorite New Show (aired this season): I really don't have one because almost all the shows I watch are older shows. Arthur and Fairly OddParents are still having new seasons, but the new seasons are not as good as the old ones. The only new shows I watch that are actually running on TV right now are Switched at Birth and The Fosters, and these are nowhere near my favorites.

4. Your Favorite Show Ever: This is a really tough call, but probably a tie between Arthur and Full House.

5. A Show You Hate: Any reality show where the whole purpose is to put people down.

6. Favorite Episode of Your Favorite TV Show: My favorite episode of Full House is "Secret Admirer." With Arthur, it's too hard to pick, there are so many.

7. Least Favorite Episode of Your Favorite TV Show: From Arthur, "DW Queen of the Comeback," basically pushing kids to turn the other cheek and ignore it when someone is teasing them, rather than fighting back. And use of a victim-blaming fairy tale. Also, I hate "Channel Chasers" from Fairly OddParents because it's all about having to grow up.

8. A Show Everyone Should Watch: I'd say either Wimzie's House or Ghostwriter. Or Sesame Street from the 1990s.

9. Best Scene Ever: It's hard to pick, but I love the scene in Fairly OddParents Abracatastrophe where Timmy reveals the existence of his fairies in order to save the world. And I also love the poetry scenes in As Told by Ginger "And She Was Gone."

10. A Show You Thought You Wouldn't Like but Ended Up Loving: Almost all the PBS kid shows from when I was little fell into this category - I never liked new shows taking the time slots of old shows, but I ended up liking a lot of the new shows once I watched them.

11. A Show that Disappointed You: Hannah Montana. I used to love Disney Channel shows, and Hannah Montana was sort of the turning point where I stopped enjoying the new ones. I expected Hannah Montana to be just as good as That's So Raven or Lizzie McGuire, and I thought I would especial love it since I was an aspiring singing star at the time as well, but it ended up feeling too showy and not as real as the other shows.

12. An Episode You've Watched More than Five Times: I think almost every episode of Arthur, Full House, As Told By Ginger, Fairly OddParents, Jimmy Neutron, and several Rugrats episodes, I've seen more than five times.

13. Favorite Childhood Show: Sesame Street and Barney.

14. Favorite Male Character: Tommy Pickles.

15. Favorite Female Character: Ginger Foutley.

16. Your Guilty Pleasure Show: I do not have guilty pleasures because I do not feel guilty about doing anything that gives me pleasure.

17. Favorite Mini Series: The only thing I can think of that was a mini series was that Fairly Oddparents used to be a mini series on Oh Yeah! Cartoons before it became a full length show, so I'll go with that.

18. Favorite Title Sequence: Sesame Street.

19. Best TV Show Cast: Full House.

20. Favorite Kiss: Ginger and Daren's first kiss.

21. Favorite Ship: Jimmy and Cindy.

22. Favorite Series Finale: As Told By Ginger, "The Wedding Frame." This was not my favorite episodes in its entirety, but I love the very end.

23. Most Annoying Character: All of Timmy Turner's friends. They are annoying because they're just so stereotyped and underdeveloped, I really don't care about Chester or AJ or Elmer or Sanjay. I normally like a character's best friends even if they are stereotyped, like I love Jimmy Neutron's friends Carl and Sheen, but Timmy's friends feel like they were just thrown together because Timmy needed to have "uncool" friends when all we really care about is Cosmo and Wanda. For that reason, I'm really only attached to Timmy's godparents and what goes on in Fairy World, and I don't particularly like the episodes that involve his friends or his real parents. Actually, I think his parents are even more annoying than his friends. They're just all over the place, I'd like them better as characters if they were just always neglectful rather than being sometimes neglectful but sometimes care. I hate the way the show alternates like that, it's like when they suddenly start caring, I don't believe it, it feels so out of character for them to actually care and help Timmy that I'm actually wishing Cosmo and Wanda would step in instead.

24. Best Quote: The poem "She Chose to Walk Alone" from As Told by Ginger.

25. A Show You Plan on Watching (Old or New): I just finished rewatching Fairly OddParents and Ghostwriter, so I'm not sure what I'll watch next.

26. OMG WTF? Season Finale: The Fosters last season finale left off with someone in a coma and someone else finding out that the driver of the car she was in was a potential murderer.

27. Best Pilot Episode: Jimmy Neutron's Pilot.

28. First TV Show Obsession: Barney

29. Current TV Show Obsession: At the moment, Fairly OddParents and Jimmy Neutron.

30. Saddest Character Death: Mr. Hooper on Sesame Street.

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