Saturday, January 14, 2017


My coworker's brother passed away last year. I expected her to be different after that happened. She was always a very outgoing, bubbly, high-energy, cheery kind of person, and I expected her to not be the same again after her brother died.

My coworker ended up going back to her normal self much earlier than I had expected, but the point is that I didn't expect it. I never would have just expected her to be like that again. If she never went back to normal, if to this day, she just wasn't perky like she was before, I would not think there was anything weird about that and I would understand that it was because her brother died. I would never wonder what was wrong. I would never ask her why she was tired or if she was sick or something because I would remember what was wrong and I would never expect it to just go away. EVER.

I don't get why I'm the only one on the fucking planet who wouldn't expect someone to ever be the same again.

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