Sunday, January 15, 2017

No Happy Things Here

I'm never doing anything happy ever again. I'm not smiling at anyone, I'm not answering the phone in a friendly tone, I'm doing anything at all that sounds even the teensiest bit happy. For anyone. Ever. And that includes babies and elderly people, I won't smile at them either. I told EVERYONE that I had a weak immune system and how I was sick constantly after my grandpa died for a year and a half and that they needed to not bring any germs near me the same way that you don't bring germs near a baby or an elderly person. But they did! People who were very very very sick came over and breathed on me and stood way too close and touched my stuff and forced me to touch their stuff WHEN I SAID I HAD A COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!! You know, whenever someone brings in a baby and everyone crowds around like awww look at the cute little baby there are ALWAYS people who say, I'm not gonna get close because I have a cold. Sometimes they'll say they're not getting close because they feel a cold coming on or they're getting over a cold, not even that they have one right now. That's how they should have been treating me when I said I had a compromised immune system!!!!! Why the fuck is that so difficult to understand. I HAVE A COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!!!!! Next time you break your leg I'm gonna jump on your broken leg and see how you like it! See how you like it to be treating like you're fine when you're not!!!!!!!

Here, want a sip of my smoothie? Oh, BTW I was puking my fucking guts out all weekend so now you'll be doing the same. Yeah, that's have I've been treated and it's fucking sick!!!!!

But yeah I'm not doing anything happy for anyone ever. I haven't returned a phone call in 4 months and I don't plan to start returning my phone calls until 2018 or maybe even 2019. I mean it. I'm not doing happy things ever because all you people keep treating me like I'm a fucking computer game where every time I smile or say something happy or post a happy pic or something it's like you get  gold coin in the game you just keep collecting and collecting more gold coins until they fill your room like Bellatrix Lestrange's vault with all that gold stuff and you just surround yourself with those gold coins and cling to them as reality when they are not a normal state of being, they are 100% circumstantial. So yeah no more gold coins for anyone to cling to.

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