Thursday, January 5, 2017

July 2016 Calendar

July was another giant flower, just like April. It was the perfect opportunity to get across the point that I was trying to make with April, but didn't quite reach. This flower is an orchid. The background in the upper left corner represents the sun. The upper right corner represents the rain. The bottom left corner is getting only sun, but not rain. The bottom right corner is getting only rain, but not sun. The flower petal at the top center is getting all of its need met and is thriving. The two petals next to it are doing well, but not their absolute best because they are not quite getting all of their needs met. The two petals on the right and left on the bottom are not doing well because very few of their needs are being met, and the bottom center petal is totally meh because none of its needs are being met. The purpose of this piece is to leave the viewer feeling unsatisfied, like you wish I had done the entire flower like the top petal, it bothers you to have to look at gray when there could have been color, but the only way to get what you see in that top petal is to provide a person with those thriving conditions.

For the bottom center, I only used shades of gray. 

For the two side petals on the bottom, I used a lot of the same colors that I used on the top half of the flower, but I shaded them very lightly. I filled in the background lightly in a color that looks like sand. I also made the color patterns symmetrical to add to the blandness. If you drew a line halfway through each of the bottom petals, both sides would look exactly the same. 

The top side petals, I colored darker and brighter, and the colors are non-symmetrical. However, the coloring is simple and solid and does not include different levels of shading other than the designs being darker than the background. 

On the top center petal - the one that is getting all of its needs met, I did lots of shading, colors transitioning from one to another, and I added patterns, similar to the swirly patterns I did in May. 

In the six-pointed flower in the center, I used the same colors going all the way around, but in different shades. (For the gray petal, I used the greenest looking gray for the green part, the bluest looking gray for the blue part, etc). I think there's a cool effect to having a dark, vibrant color right next to a washed out version of the same color. And there's a cool effect of having a solid-colored petal next to one that might look the same at first glance but actually has multiple colors blended together. I love that it's the exact same flower, just in different circumstances.

While I love the concept behind this one, the picture itself is not one of my favorites because I didn't execute the idea as well as I had hoped. I think it's because I colored the backgrounds so vibrantly that the flower itself doesn't pop the way that I had hoped it would, and that top center petal needs to pop more in order for the effect to work.

This is also a month when I started documenting all the fun things I did over the summer:

I drew a few special things in past months, but this was the only month that I colored in so many of the days. I think the reason was because this was the first month I did that really didn't fit how I was feeling at the time. The other months all matched my current feelings, but July was more like, I had had this idea in my mind for a long time, and the July picture fit perfectly with my idea, but July was actually one of the funnest months of the year for me, and this picture didn't fit that at all. So I added lots of fun stuff so that it would fit with the awesome summer that I was having, without changing the meaning of the picture. 

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