Saturday, January 28, 2017

Birthday Party List

Date: Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 (Snow date on Sunday, but only if there is a huge blizzard)
Time: 1:00 PM till Late
Theme: Here's to Never Growing Up!

-Game of Things
-Apples to Apples
-What's Yours Like
-Others: I want to only do games at the party that are the social interactive type where we get to be creative make up our answers, so things like the ones I listed as opposed to games like Sumuko or Tapple or Catch Phrase. I realized I only have three games that are this type (Telestrations works too, but one of my friends isn't able to play that game), so I'm gonna browse online and in stores and see if I can find more of these types of games before the party. I'm looking for something very specific that can be played with a very small group and doesn't involve writing or drawing by hand (or that part can be adjusted) and has this specific type of interactive-ness. I have a couple games in mind already, so I'll see where I can find them!

-Print more memes. I tried printing my Eeyore meme at Staples for my desk and it came out really nice! I have some other memes and webcomics that would look really nice on my walls and fit my party theme perfectly, so I'm gonna get a bunch more of those!
-Finish my "Unschooler at Heart" banner and make some more things like that. I kind of rushed on making lots of signs for the New Year's Eve Party, and I want to make more decorations that convey the same message but also look nice enough to be permanent decorations on my walls.
-Print a few of my documents, specifically my priority list and my conditions of a central focus list. These things are important to me and I'd like to have them on my walls, and they fit the theme.
-Write a new version of why I never plan to grow up and print that in color for the walls.
-Move everything around - every time I have something new to put up, I sort of just squeeze it in where there's a free space. I may want to just take everything down and rearrange it completely so that I can decide where I want the focus of the room to be. Basically, I want to do all wall decorations that not only fit the theme of the party, but also can stay on my walls as just apartment decorations. I'm in the process of redecorating right now anyway, so I'm hoping to do both at once.
-Do something new with the bathroom mirror. It's been a while since I've drawn or written on it.
-Grab all the decorations off my desk at work and bring them home. I want everyone to see my current calendar and my new art project, both of which I keep at work. I'll set a reminder for myself to take those things home on the Wednesday of that week.
-Extras go on the background space. I have lots of party decorations that I've collected over the years: stars, glittery garlands, unused party plates that I now put on the walls, etc. If I end up using these things, they will go on the background spaces, like the kitchen cabinets or in the bathroom, rather than in the main party area. I want to keep my main area focused on the theme of Here's to Never Growing Up!

-Go through all of my party-planning books and room-decorating books for more ideas, because rereading those books around my birthday always feels warm and cozy, like watching Christmas movies near Christmas.

I took the day off on my real birthday, Feb 17th, because it falls on a Friday this year, so I'll have that whole day to make my cake and prepare and my parents are gonna come over that day so they can see my decorations! I think I'm gonna take the Friday before my birthday party off every year, even if it doesn't fall on my real birthday. It makes things so much easier when I have a full day off the day before!

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