Thursday, November 17, 2016


When I said that I got 3 Cs and a D on my report card back when my grandpa died and that no one ever had any business pushing me to improve my grades and that it was the same way this time around. I meant it. I really, truly meant it. There is nothing that would make me function on a higher level. Nothing, nada, zero, zippo, ziltch. I think people have this idea that I'm gonna just spring into action when it's necessary and I won't. I absolutely won't.

If the house were on fire, I'd roll my eyes like OMG WTF do I seriously have to go outside now, and I'd drag my heals on the way outside and then call a friend to complain about the fact that I was stuck standing outside before I'd even call the fire department.

See what I mean? There is NOTHING that I'm gonna suddenly jump up and function for. And believe me, I have a very, very long list of things that I actually *want* to be doing that I don't feel well enough to do, so even if I did suddenly start feeling functional, anything that anyone else expects me to do is going waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy at the end of the list. I mean that. I function for no one.

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