Friday, November 4, 2016

March 2016 Calendar

I knew I wanted to do something different with March. February had that wild elaborate pattern that just lent itself to being a cool picture. I didn't have to do much other than choosing the colors. March was different. March looked more like January in terms of the detail of the drawing itself, and I didn't want another simple one like January. Once I did February, I couldn't let my calendar to return to the land of ordinary again. Plus at the time, the drawing for March was actually my least favorite in the entire calendar, although I've changed my mind about that now. I had to do something special with March to make it come out more interesting, to make it just as cool as February, in spite of the drawing being less appealing to me.

I thought of doing a split between warm colors and cool colors because March is a seasonal transition month. I was originally going to put a wavy line in the middle, but it just didn't look right, so I went with a straight diagonal line.

I had my doubts about this idea as I was working on the picture. The first two pictures were all about putting colors together that looked nice, and that usually didn't involve colors that were next to each other on the color wheel. February in particular was all about lots bold contrasts between colors, and using as many different colors as possible. When I found myself faced with only warm colors and only cool colors, I felt limited. Very limited. I kept thinking that each side would come out too flat, too boring, because I didn't have enough colors to work with. I kept wondering whether I should ditch the idea and go back to using all of the colors for the whole picture, but I really wanted to make this idea work.

I think that by limiting the colors choices, I actually learned new techniques. I played around more with the saturations of the colors. On the cool-colored side, I lightened the area around the stars to make them pop more. I was really pleased with the way it came out. I like that both sides of the picture draw me in for different reasons. One of my coworkers said the same thing - that she couldn't decide which side she liked better because she was attracted to the brighter side, but the darker side looked so cool. March is still my friend Eli's favorite picture.

What's special about March is that it marks the beginning of the calendar pictures having a meaning. January was generic, February I wanted to look like fun party time, but March is the first one that tells a story. You can think of it as the seasons changing, but you can also think of it as the same experience being different under different circumstances, like how you might feel differently about something when you're older vs. younger, you may see the same things in a whole different way.

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