Thursday, November 3, 2016

February 2016 Calendar

February had one of the most elaborate patterns in the calendar (The most elaborate was October, with February as the second most). This one was a vast improvement over January. With the more elaborate pattern, I developed some better coloring techniques. The January picture was kind of flat - I used the same saturation for all of the colors. In February, I purposely colored part of the picture lighter so that the center circle and the patterns on the edges would pop more. The style is much wilder than January. On the outer frame of the picture, I used several different patterns, each one matching the one across from it. While it is symmetrical, it is much more interesting than January, which had the exact same pattern repeating all the way around in a circle. Additionally, this picture is not completely symmetrical - the pattern that is just inside of the circle of red hearts, but before the 8-pedal flower pattern, I chose the colors at random.

February still had that "wow" factor with everyone at work being so impressed by it, and they all saw the improvement as well. I think January was like, "Wow, that's so cool that you have a coloring calendar!" and February was more like, "Wow, I can't believe you're so good at it!" And it wasn't just other people's reactions - that was how I felt as well. In January, I felt like I was doing something wild simply by bringing a calendar that I colored to work. In February, I felt like I was doing something wild with the calendar. January felt more generic, like I was doing what a person is "supposed" to do. From February on, I knew that this calendar was my art project, that I was going to do amazing things with it. I would later look back on February and think of it as tame compared to my later works, but at that moment, it felt wild.

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