Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Calendar Project

To be clear, I'm not okay, I'm still grieving and will be for a very, very long time, and...well, I would say that you can expect a major drop in writing quality, but it feels weird to say that since A) I haven't been focused on my blog as much in 2016 anyway since I've been more focused on my book, and B) the last time I said that, my writing quality actually improved after the fact, depending on how you judge quality. So anyway, that's not the point, I just need to preface this by saying that if I write about stuff on my blog that has nothing to do with my grandma, that doesn't mean I'm over it because I'm not, it just means that I feel like doing something warm and cozy and cuddly, and there's only so long I can just watch TV and movies without getting bored, and I just finished the coloring project that I had been working hard on all month, so I think I'm ready to do a blog project that is low-key and feels all warm and cozy and cuddly like a teddy bear.

For any blog readers who don't follow me on Facebook, I have a coloring calendar, meaning a wall calendar where each picture is is a coloring picture, and you color it in yourself. I have posted all of the pictures so far on Facebook, but I have a lot to say about each of them. I was considering having a special December post with all 12 calendar pictures, but I don't want to wait until December is finished, so I'm going to give each calendar pic its own blog post, where I post a picture of the calendar page and explain what it means to me. If I do a bunch of them at once, I may set the posts to update at midnight each night so that you'll get a new one each day.

Since I am not feeling well, I am just going to use the photos that I already have on my computer. When I'm in a more ambitious mood, I may go back and take better pictures of the calendar specifically for the blog posts, but not right now.

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