Saturday, November 5, 2016

April 2016 Calendar

April is probably my least favorite picture. I had a cool idea, but didn't quite execute it properly. The flower in this picture is supposed to be an orchid. There is a psychology theory that some kids are dandelion children who are okay in any environment, and some are orchid children, who need to be in a specific kind of environment in order to thrive. I had meant for this to be a picture of an orchid. I drew the raindrops in myself and faded the colors, to show that the flower was delicate and would become washed out easily with just a drop of rain.

Now, I absolute love the concept behind this picture, but I realize what I did wrong: See, with the month of March, I felt like the split between the warm and cool colors was the main focus of the picture - the thing that made it interesting. I was imagining that the raindrops could be the thing that made this picture interesting. I kept the rest of the picture kind of plain and flat and boring, thinking that the raindrops would do the job of making it interesting. But after much more coloring and experimentation, I realize now that in order for this concept of the raindrops to be effective, the initial picture has to be much, much more engaging. Basically, with the background picture being simple, it just looks like an ordinary picture of a flower in a rainstorm. The raindrops don't look like they are supposed to represent anything bad. What I think would have been much more effective is if the flower picture had been really interesting and engaging - lots of shading and swirled colors and all kinds of cool tricks that you'll see in my later pictures - and that picture was so eye-catching and enjoyable to the viewer that the raindrops feel annoying. That when you look at the picture, you would love the flower and want to look at it and you'd be wanting the raindrops to get out of your way so you could just see the flower. The raindrops would make you feel unsatisfied, which would achieve their purpose. This picture didn't turn out as I had hoped, but I love the concept and I'm sure I will use this idea again in a future picture, now that I have a better idea of how to execute it.

At some point towards the end of the month, I added the caption "Proud to Be an Orchid Child," to make the picture feel more wild and more about something. My picture that has the caption is blurry, but I may go back and take another pic at some point.

And one final thing about this picture: the biggest reason that it didn't come out as good as I had hoped was because I was feeling horrible during the month of March, while I was working on this picture, because it was my breakup anniversary. (My actual breakup anniversary is in April, but I remember that it was the Tuesday before Easter, and Easter fell in March this year, so it felt more like anniversary around Easter and I had lots of flashbacks). I while back I wrote a blog post on the myth of suffering for your art, and this calendar picture is a direct manifestation of what I explained - feeling bad does not create great art. Not for me anyway. While being in a bad place makes me want to create art that is wild and will have a huge effect on people, I have to be feeling well enough to create the art in the first place. So this picture reflects that perfectly, and in a kind of meta sense since the point of the picture was about becoming lifeless when something goes wrong. 

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