Saturday, October 1, 2016

Work Stuff

To all the people I work with who complain about their troubles a lot:

There is nothing wrong with complaining a lot. Your feelings are valid. Totally valid. I would never ever ever want you to not complain and put yourself through what I put myself through when I was new, using so much of my limited energy trying to act okay when I wasn't. The reason that I get annoyed sometimes when I hear people - especially new people - complain so much at work, especially complaining about work at work, is because I would have had such a better experience if I had behaved the way you're behaving now, back when I was new. When I see how other people feel perfectly comfortable complaining all they want at work, it makes me angry that I put myself through hell for over a year to make a good impression, when maybe I didn't have to. It bothers me that I did not feel entitled to complain as much as I wanted to when other people do feel that entitled. It's not that I ever want you to stop feeling entitled - it's just that your entitlement makes me feel like I put myself through hell for nothing, that if I had been my real, entitled-to-complain-all-I-want self from the start, I would have been fine, I would not have put my job security at risk, and I would be in the same shape that I'm in right now in terms of my job security and what I'm getting paid. That's why I get annoyed. But it's never about you. Your complaints are always valid, and I don't actually want you to stop.

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