Saturday, October 1, 2016


I feel like I'm on the edge right now - I could potentially slip into that super dark place I was in during the breakup or in college, but I'm in this middle ground area right now where I could potentially not go that route. Here's what I'm thinking:

Halloween Fun:
September was a HORRIBLE month, I literally have not had a single good weekend since Labor Day. That's NOT gonna fly anymore. (The reason for this is that I wasn't feeling well enough to do anything during most of September. I think I feel well enough now to do some fun things, but nothing extremely high-stim). Here's what I want to do this October:
-Go to Witches Woods (or Spookyworld, or someplace similar)
-Have a scary-movie Halloween party at my house where we watch Don't Look Under the Bed, which is my new favorite scary movie.
-Go to Salem as Matilda on Halloween (I've already spoken to my boss about using a few hours of vacation time to leave early that day, but it will depend on when my friends get out of work).

Personal Fun:
-The coloring calendar. I have a super super awesome idea for November, so I'd like to spend a lot of this month working on that. If I finish early, I can start on December.
-Redecorating. I love my Inside Out motif, but I'm ready for a change so I'm going to redecorate my apartment to more of a mixture of different things, and also decorate the place for Halloween.
-More art projects for the apartment - I have a cool idea for a personality-quiz illustration type of art project.
-More art to give to family and friends.

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