Monday, October 24, 2016

2001 Curse

The food itself was not cursed - it was a combination of having a less-than-normal desire to eat, and that issue of everything being higher stakes and that it was just more important for everything to be exactly right.  When I'm sick and don't feel like eating anything at all, there are still certain foods that you could tempt me with. Kind of like the way Grandma ate half of a Boston cream doughnut the last time that I saw her conscious. When I don't want to eat at all, the only things I will eat are really good things. Nothing in the middle. Nothing meh. Nothing that's not quite perfect. That's why all food sucked back in 2001. Call it a curse.

The fact that I have more control over that this time, that I can eat pizza and ice cream as often as I want now, is a good thing. Because if I didn't have that control, I would not be eating anything at all.

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