Sunday, September 18, 2016


I do not interact with humans. Today I just ordered something on Amazon that I could have gotten at Target because I was not going to interact with humans, that's fucking disgusting, I don't know why all you humans think I'm gonna interact with you. Go fuck a cactus.

That includes my Grandma's roommate who talks fucking nonstop and expects me to say words to her. Like, why the fuck would I say any words to a fucking stranger? I ONLY WANT TO SEE MY GRANDMA YOU FUCKHEAD. Yeah, I ain't afraid to tell you to fuck off just because you're elderly, in fact that's what I'm gonna do next time. I mean it. You're fucking disgusting for thinking I give a fucking shit about anything you have to say when I just came there to talk to my Grandma and I am NOT afraid to tell you off!!!!

I am sooooooooooooooo done with all you humans thinking I would ever EVER interact with you or smile when I don't want to. Tomorrow I'm not showering or brushing my hair or my teeth or nothing, I'm gonna smell so bad that I repulse everyone so that everyone will stay the fuck away from me and I will only shower right before I go visit my own family. And I have to clarify that it's my own family because I do not shower for fucking disgusting people who expect kids to be obedient. I'm not wearing underwear to certain events and I will announce to everyone that I am not wearing underwear. If I have my period, you will have blood on your floor. Do I care? Do you really think I care??????? If you do, you should probably see someone about reading comprehension.

I am NOT going to fucking aerobics because there are fucking people there. Gross!!!!!!! I'm gonna vomit.

 I was such a wuss in college because all the songs on my "emo" playlist which I thought I could resort to are all just sad, depressing songs about being depressed yourself, but I don't have any angry songs. At all. None. I gotta download some new music and make a new playlist! Suggestions welcome. I'm talking downright scary music that would be banned in schools. I need suggestions.

Absolutely nothing is okay, and I will not act like anything is okay. I don't interact with people except when I want to, which is like maybe .0000000000000000001% of the time. 

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