Friday, August 26, 2016


I always tell myself that I will not edit on my lunch break at work because it's waaaaayyyy more trouble to merge drafts when i get home than it is to just come home and edit. Like, I literally spend more time merging the drafts than I spend editing on my break. So it doesn't logically make sense to edit on break.

But I always do it anyway. It makes me feel good to be doing my TRUE life's work while I'm at my day job. Probably the same reason I drag the print-copy binder around with me everywhere. It just...feels good.

On page 134 out of 275. That's about half.

And I have my blank September calendar which I haven't started yet.

And a new fantasy adventure novel in the works.

1/4 = 69
1/3 = 92
1/2 = 138
2/3 = 184
3/4 = 207

It's going to be a very fun, creative weekend!

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