Monday, July 11, 2016

Stop Pushing People to Do Shit!!!

I love this girl!!!! Seriously, she's like my soul sister, I am EXACTLY like her, except that I don't have kids and ain't ever gonna, but if I did have kids, I would absolutely be living the way she's living! How dare this fucking supernanny lady come in their house and start pushing this girl to function and do shit and expect her to lift a finger. Heck, I've never lifted a finger in my life either and I don't ever plan to start!

What really upsets me though is that this girl has a fucking job and they all treat that like shit. They treat it like she's doing no work at all when she has a fucking job. Now, I'm not saying she needs to have a job, I'd still like her just as much if she didn't and was just leaching off the parents, but they act as if she's not doing anything at all when having a job is doing something!!!! Seriously, if I were ever treated this way while I had a job, I would quit my job, spend all my time lying on my parents' couch eating their food and watching TV, and let them see what doing nothing *really* means.

I would NEVER get up earlier than I had to in order to do work or tend to anyone or anything. Fuck supernanny for even suggesting that!

Oh, and I'd spit in that supernanny's face if she ever tried to confront me about my behavior. Go fuck a porcupine.

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