Monday, April 25, 2016

True Stories from an Underachieving School That Was Way Better than any Goody-Goody Suckup School

[content: self-harm, suicidal thoughts]

- A student said she had to go to the bathroom and the teacher wouldn't let her. She was having her period and he finally let her leave, but some blood had leaked onto her chair. When the teacher told her to clean it, she said, "No, I'm not cleaning it. You clean it!" And she flat-out refused to clean it because it was his fault for not letting her go to the bathroom.

When someone asked her, "Weren't you embarrassed?" She said, "No, that's natural." And she looked like she was telling the truth about not feeling embarrassed because she told this story to everyone during an after-school activity, so she had the option of not mentioning it if she were embarrassed.

Now tell me: Do you know ANYONE in a good, college-bound school that would tell a teacher off like that when the teacher was being a jerkass? Anyone at all? Yeah, didn't think so.

- A teacher wouldn't let a student leave class when they were sick. This student later informed me that they were planning to stick their finger down their throat and purposely throw up on the teacher for revenge.

- Two students talked about having punched and kicked social workers who did things that they didn't like. They talked about this with pride.

- A student wanted to get her eyebrow pierced, but her mom wouldn't take her to get it done. She pierced her own eyebrow during science class by sticking a safety pin through it. This was on frog-dissection day, using a safety pin that she found on the floor in a room full of frog guts and formaldehyde. She was unfazed.

-When learning CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, one student kept making fun of the videos where the actors said, "Stay calm, I'll help," when someone was choking. She said that if someone was choking, she wouldn't help them, she'd be like, "Meh, whatever," or she'd eat the rest of their food since they wouldn't be able to finish it once they were dead (yes, I'm serious). She said this every single time it was her turn to practice CPR or the Heimlich maneuver.  She did not get into any trouble over this, and while she wasn't one of the popular kids, she didn't lose any friends as a result of talking this way.

-A few people regularly talked to me about cutting themselves and possibly wanting to slit their wrists. The possibility that I might tell a teacher or get weirded out and stop hanging out with them did not even cross their minds.

- Someone said, "I hope I get hit by a truck" out loud to the whole class. Then another person chimed in about how they were sure that they wanted to get hit by a truck even more than the first person. Let me reiterate that this was during class, with everyone listening including the teacher, and no one got in trouble.

-At a friend's summer party, someone got ice from the cooler and demonstrated to me how they liked to burn their skin with ice and salt. They explained how the ice and salt reacted together to create a burn. They explained this to me casually, the same way that I would expect someone to explain how to make a friendship bracelet.

- Someone got a book on witchcraft and legitimately believed that the spells worked. This person informed me that no one had better mess with her because she would put a curse on them. She also informed me that she had put a curse on some guy that she didn't like, and the curse had made his penis smaller.

-While helping a friend-of-a-friend move out of an apartment, the person spent the whole time screaming and ranting about everything under the sun that was going wrong in their life, and they punched a hole in the wall. They were like, "Who cares, I'm moving out, not my problem anymore," and did not care at all about the hole. We left something over the hole to hide it. I wasn't friends with this person to begin with, but the person who was their friend and witnessed all of this stayed their friend. Not after some long discussion about appropriate behavior, but because that's just what you do.

- Person A was calling Person B because they wanted to talk, but Person B texted that they were busy. Person A cut their wrist open (across the street, not down the road) and sent a picture of it to Person B, in response to Person B being too busy to talk to them. Again, these two people are still friends, not because Person B had some long discuss with Person A about appropriate behavior, but because that's just what you do.


This is the only place that I've ever fit in. You just don't meet people like that anymore. You just don't find environments like that anymore. I'm so sick of everyone I run into being a fucking good kid who wouldn't do shit like that.

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