Thursday, April 14, 2016


Today, I made a big decision which is that I decided to stop subscribing to what I was doing on this day years ago on Facebook. Yes, I know I said I was gonna reblog everything for the purpose of being obnoxious and showing everyone that I haven't changed or grown up at all and that, and to assert my right to post whatever I want (there's something super in-your-face obnoxious about reblogging all the negative stuff that every says they didn't wanna hear at the time. I'm seriously gonna miss that). But unfortunately, as I approach the breakup anniversary date (yes, I have to go through this a second time because first there was the week before Easter and then there's the literal date which coincides with my job anniversary, which I need to keep track of so I know when to expect my performance review), I'm realizing that all the memory stuff on Facebook is making me feel much, much worse. It's really painful to remember what I went through that year, and seeing what I wrote about it brings me back to just how bad it was. And with the FB notifications, it's not something I can prepare for. It's not like making a choice to go back on my blog and read something because the newsfeed just shows up. So I'm stopping seeing the memories for now. Don't worry, I'll come up with another way to be obnoxious and totally in-your-face at all those people in any case. 

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