Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Why the fuck is it so hard for me to be creepy????

Seriously like the one time I succeeded at being creepy I got in trouble so everytime I've tried to be creepy without getting in trouble it hasn't worked, everyone just ignores me and is not creeped out. I WANT TO CREEP PEOPLE OUT. I want to make everyone so fucking scared that you wake up in the middle of the night with coldsweats. Like every scary story I've ever written has been not scary and every creepy thing I've ever tried to do has either been not creepy or gotten me into trouble. I am a writer and an artist so why is disturbing people so fucking difficult??? No its not because people are too hard to disturb because colby kids yell eek if you wear black lipstick and bentley kids yell eek at "I'm not going to the job fair" so with all these people yelling eek so easily why the fuck is it so fucking hard to actually scare people?

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