Monday, February 1, 2016

Conditions You Must Meet Before You Have ANY Business Telling Me to Write a Happy Story

1. You must be telling me to write a happy story 100% as writing advice, in the same way that you might advise someone to try writing a story in present tense or in third person. The same way you might advise any writer to try something new, NOT because you think it's better or it's what they should be doing, but just as a way of expanding their horizons. It has to be 100% writing advice, and have absolutely no implications about me becoming a positive energy person or talking about happier things in real life. If I wanted to talk about happy stuff, I would. I do not contain positive energy.

2. Since it's difficult to separate pure writing advice from "be a positive person" advice (because most people giving me the advice to write a happy story would be mixing the two), you must also have some business giving me writing advice in the first place. If you don't have any business doing that, then I suspect you're trying to make me into a positive person. Here is how I define having business giving me advice:

       A. You're a writer as well, and we regularly talk about writing and give each other advice. It would be normal for you to give me a writing suggestion, and you can clearly explain why you think that writing a happy story would be a good idea. You fully accept and respect the point I'm trying to get across, and as a writer yourself, you understand how making a negative story into a positive one could impact my readers and make my writing more effective.

       B. You may not be a writer yourself, but I have asked you for advice on a specific piece of writing, and you have identified a place where a happy story would be helpful. Like the person in scenario A, you fully accept and respect what I am trying to say, and you can clearly explain why a happy story would be effective. It's clear to me that you are not trying to alter my message.

3. You have never pressured me to be a positive person in other situations, such as pushing me to post less on Facebook and not complain so much. I have no reason to be suspicious that you would try to get me to be positive in my writing unless you truly believed that it would be more effective. 

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