Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I'm Home!!!


So, you may be wondering why all the cryptic "This is what I'm gonna do sometime later" posts. Well, for the last 17 days, I was on vacation in India!!! I didn't want to mention this earlier because I didn't want to reveal that no one would be home in my apartment for all that time. It was a great trip, but I'm also happy to be home.

I got home last night, slept, and woke up this morning. I have work today, but I woke up before I have to leave for work.

I really, really missed my friends and want to call everyone right away, but I'm also too tired to talk, and I think everyone else is asleep right now. (I have to keep reminding myself what time it is and what people would normally be doing at that time, because my internal schedule is still a little bit off).

In the next couple of weeks, including this upcoming weekend, I only want to do extremely low-key visits with people that don't involve big crowded places or events, or having to talk to people I don't know.

The weekend of December 12th, there is a wedding in my family and a lot of huge parties that will last the whole weekend. It's way too soon for me to do something like that again, so I'm going to rest up in anticipation for it.

My sleep schedule seems to be reasonably back on track with our time zone, but it will take a few days for me to tell. The reason I'm mentioning this is that I *might* be in a situation where by 5 or 6 (or even 4) PM, I'm too exhausted to hang out with anyone, but I should have a better idea of that in the next few days. Last night I went to sleep at 6:00 PM and woke up this morning at 4:45 AM, so I'm not ridiculously far off, and I don't normally need 10 hours of sleep every night. (The last time I took a trip like this, I went to bed at 9:00 AM the first day, so I was really thrown off for a long time. I doubt I'll have as many problems this time).

I loved all the Indian foods I got to eat! But I did eat a lot of greasy foods while I was gone, and a lot of the foods that I liked gave me an upset stomach. My stomach is still a bit upset, so I want to try to stick to very simple, healthy foods for a little while and avoid things that are greasy or that might upset my stomach. I'll still be ready for all the treats at Christmas time, but I want to take a little break from that right now, especially since I know I'll want to eat lots of treats at the wedding.

I got Christmas surprises for my friends from India! I think my friends are going to be very happy!

I will share my pictures as soon as I can. We used my dad's digital camera for the trip, and he doesn't know how to link it directly to the computer (I don't either), and the last time we tried, it was a disaster and we almost lost a bunch of the pictures. So I have to wait until my dad takes the camera to the store to get physical copies for him and my mom, and a disc for me, which I'll load and share. I'm not planning to post all the pictures on Facebook, but I can either show them to friends in person or share them on google drive. I decided not to use my cell phone as a camera because I didn't want to risk it getting lost or stolen. If I had a phone signal, I would have kept it with me like I always do and sent some pictures to my friends right when I took them, but without being able to use the phone, the internet, or send pics to people right away, it didn't seem worth the risk of having it with me all the time just to use as a camera.

As for the blog, I'm probably going to have some posts about the trip, and some posts not about the trip. I've never liked doing travel blogging, but this trip was different because I met with family and got to see things that I wouldn't normally see when I'm only visiting the big tourist areas, so I may have some posts about the trip. Right now, I mostly have non-trip stuff that I've meaning to blog on my mind, so I'll probably focus on that first. I'm not sure yet. I'll decide based on what's at the forefront of my mind.

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