Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This December

This December is going to be a month of going over everyone's feedback and revising my book. I'm guessing everyone will have had a chance to read it by then (but if not, I'll still have enough feedback to start revising, so no rush).  By the start of 2016, it will be practically ready to send to publishers.

And of course, this December will include lots of Christmastime warm fuzzy cuddles with everyone.

And talking to, visiting, or cuddling with friends every single day of the holiday month, just like I would have back when I lived with my parents or when I had a boyfriend. Exactly the same as always.

And if it snows. I'll just pretend my car is a snowplow when I drive through the blizzard conditions to get to people. I ain't scared of white flakes on the road.

And nothing gross is allowed in the house. Especially vinegar. And work ethic.

And snow is exclusively for sledding, building forts, and having snowball fights. Snow is not for shoveling.

And everything will feel warm and cozy and cuddly just like it did when I was younger.

And it will be the total opposite of last December.

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