Sunday, November 29, 2015


All I'm gonna do in the next week is make homemade memes. Memes, memes, memes!!!so many memes you won't even know it's me, but it will be the actual me. I betcha everyones gonna be in for a shock! Muahahahahahahahaha!

Oh, and this time when I start posting, I am not gonna stop posting for anything. Anything. ANYTHING. Not like the way I've stopped posting for Important Events in the past. This time I'm not stopping for ANYTHING and I plan to post a meme on Christmas day and Easter and next Thanksgiving and maybe even on election day 2016. That is how self absorbed I am and I am never again gonna pretend not to be that way. Watch out for the memes!

I have a vision of my memes taking over the world like a plague of frogs or something. Let's hope I can generate enough memes to do that!

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