Saturday, November 28, 2015


Henceforth, I will no longer be eating meals with other people, unless the meal is at my house and I am the one making or ordering the food. The ONLY people I will eat within other situations are my parents, a few other family members, and five specific friends who are super consent conscious in situations involving food (if you've ever been invited to my apartment, you are one of those five people). That is it. I will not eat with anyone else ever. That means no strangers, no eating with people's families, no eating with some people in my own family, and that means that if I date someone, they will have to pass my consent consciousness test before I eat with them and I will never ever ever eat with their family no matter how important that is to them, even if it's their grandma's birthday or something. I won't sit at the table or be in any way present when their is a meal involved.

I'm going to a wedding soon. I plan to pack my own lunch, go for a long walk when it's time to eat, and reappear when it's time to dance. Yes I'm serious. I'm not putting up with it anymore ever.

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