Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Next Day

This feels totally different from when I finished my first novel, mainly because this time, I'm very satisfied with how my first draft turned out and I'm mostly psyched to get feedback from everyone, rather than being nervous. It's a really deep satisfied feeling.

I think that's partially because I'm really satisfied with the first draft, and also partially because I already blog so much about the issues in the book that none of the friends I sent it to are going to be shocked by anything I say. I think I'll be much more nervous promoting it to people who don't know me as well.

It's weird - it's just such a weird feeling being done. Sort of happy and sad at the same time. I know the process is far from over, but still. There's always a loss feeling when something like this comes to an end.

When I get into my mode where I'm really deeply obsessed with something I'm doing, I basically live in a bubble where outside stuff doesn't matter. I know that bubble is about to burst.

I've basically just been working on my book and watching Inside Out on repeat (the digital version - DVD release is still Nov 3rd).

Maybe I'll start blogging normally again. I have several blog posts on the wait list. I could also start working on my Inside Out post, and just not post it until after everyone has seen the movie.

Tomorrow night I'm meeting my friend, so we'll get to celebrate! And I have reactions and feedback to look forward to (which I am actually looking forward to)!

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