Monday, September 7, 2015

You Got 13 Years to Wear What You Wanted, and I Got 4

I've said this already a gazillion times, but I will say it again, if someone says that something is not acceptable, that this is not acceptable, regardless of how many other people are perfectly okay with the same thing. Yes, I am serious. If I have a problem with something that most people are okay with, even if literally every single other person on the entire planet was okay with it, that thing would STILL be a problem because it is a problem for me. Got it? The fact that other people don't write or complain as much as I do IS NOT MY PROBLEM. Oh, I'm sorry, I totally didn't realize that I was in your home, sitting on your hands, preventing you from typing your troubles on Facebook. Totally didn't notice that I was doing that. Here, let me move.

Seriously, there's infinite space on the internet, it's not like we share a tiny whiteboard and I'm hogging it. My complaining a ton online does not prevent you from doing the same. Not complaining is not an accomplishment, so stop trying to pretend that it is. Writing a 100-page essay about how horrible college was IS an accomplishment. Not writing anything about how bad your experience was is NOT an accomplishment.

I just wanted to establish that even if you have been through all the exact same stuff as me or worse and you're okay with it or aren't complaining, that does not mean that it's okay for me or that I shouldn't be complaining. It's not my problem that you're okay or that you are not complaining.

But the fact is, those of you who claim that "everyone" else went through the same thing and was fine with it? You're wrong. You didn't. You have no idea where I come from.

You got 13 years to wear almost whatever you wanted every day. I only got 4.
You got 13 years to wear nail polish and jewelry. I only got 4.
You got 13 years to choose what you wanted to eat for lunch without needing to forge a doctor's note. I only got 4.
You got 13 years to have more than 25 kids to play with or eat lunch with. I only got 4.
You got 13 years of the possibility that maybe that kid who picked on you won't be in your class this year, that maybe someone new will be in your class and you can make a new friend. I only got 4.
You got 7 or 8 years of opportunity to see all different people throughout the day, to have getting stuck in a class with people you don't get along with be a much lesser issue because you won't have to see them all day. I only got 4.
You got at least 7 or 8 years to sit with people who were not in your class or your grade at lunchtime. I only got 4.
You got 7 or 8 years of choosing elective classes and having a teensy bit of say in your schedule. I only got 4.
You got 7 or 8 years of having way more than 5 after school activities to choose from, increasing the odds that something might interest you. I only got 4.
You got 7 or 8 years of having so many activity choices that you would never be the only person in your grade not involved in a particular activity. I only got 4.
You got 7 or 8 years of having such a large community of different people that you would never be the only person who didn't attend a particular function. I only got 4.
You got 7 or 8 years to live in a non-small-town environment where people aren't watching you all the time, where everyone doesn't participate in all of the community events, where you regularly meet people who have not had your profile on file since you were four years old. I only got 4.

Don't pretend to know where I come from. You don't. You never will.

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