Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why DARE is for Dumbasses

DARE is for dumbasses because they list all these alternatives to drugs that ain't got nothin to do with drugs! Like ballet and baseball and babysitting. Babysittin for heaven's sake! What the heck's babysittin got to do with drugs? Yo, ain't you DARE folk eva been to a grocery store? Ya eva see "I can't believe it's not butter?" Ya eva notice how it looks and tastes JUST LIKE BUTTER? It's called a "substitute product," man. Substitute product's supposed to be LIKE THE ORIGINAL PRODUCT, man. Know what i'm sayin? Babysittin ain't nothin like cocaine, man! You wanna be all, "Don't do drugs," go invent "I can't believe it's not cocaine!"

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