Thursday, September 24, 2015


So, at my workplace, they're trying to pressure people to quit smoking, and they have this article about how much money the average person who smokes spends on cigarettes and how much money you could save in the course of a year. That I can understand, if you are just talking about buying cigarettes themselves. But then they have these "added" expenses like, you'll need to spend more money repainting your house and getting your furniture professionally cleaned because smoking causes discoloration. Um....what on earth makes you think that just because someone's furniture and walls are discolored, they're going to fix those things? HELLO?????? Did you also take a survey and find that all the people you're talking to would actually do that sorta thing? Yeah, didn't think so. You'll have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool me! I don't smoke, but if I did, I would never, ever, ever get my walls or furniture fixed if they got discolored, and I don't get why you'd think that about me. I mean, that's like saying, "There will be a mess, therefore you'll have to spend time cleaning it." Why on earth would you think that because a mess exists, I'm gonna clean it? Seriously! Someone is tripping.

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