Saturday, September 12, 2015


The whole "full integrity" vs. "greater effectiveness" is sort of like this:

Back in high school, a club I was in was raising money for a local animal shelter. We chose this shelter specifically because it was a no-kill shelter, so we wanted to support that. At some point, a classmate said that she wanted to adopt a dog, but she had mixed feelings about which shelter to adopt from. On the one hand, she wanted to support the no-kill shelter for doing the right thing, but on the other hand, adopting a dog from a shelter that does euthanize could save the dog's life. So it was a tough call.

This isn't as extreme, but the concept is the same: do I go for full integrity, giving support to people who are doing the right thing and taking a stand against people who aren't, or do I do what will make my book reach more people, and possibly have a bigger impact on the world, but also possibly supporting and adding to the non-consent culture that the book is supposed to be attacking?

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