Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lack of Overtness

Sometimes I wish we lived in a super overt culture where when people had events, they would say, "Extroverts only," "Low maintenance people only," "Positive people only," etc. Why? Because my life would be much easier if I actually knew where I was welcome and unwelcome, if there were no guessing games.  I would experience so much less anxiety if I knew that "open to everyone" truly meant open to everyone because it wouldn't be something people said just to be polite. It would be something people meant. I'd just like to know ahead of time when I'm not going to be welcome, and no one will ever tell me that. I don't go to things I'm not suited for. Every time I have been unwelcome somewhere or pressured to change, it was someplace that I was told was open to everyone. If an event is only for a certain type of person, I would really appreciate if people could just say that so that I can make an informed decision and so that "open to everyone" actually means something.

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