Monday, August 31, 2015

Fuck Off

I am so fucking sick of getting fucking "be positive" newsfeed THAT I NEVER FUCKING WANTED!!!!!!!! I did NOT consent to more than half of the stuff showing up on my feed. I didn't follow these people or these groups. I have carefully narrowed down my newsfeed to a very small group of people that I actually want to hear from. But I'm not hearing from them. I'm hearing from all these other fucking places I don't want to hear from. I only care about what YOU post. I do not want everything that everyone *likes* to show up on my newsfeed, but I can't find a way to permanently get rid of it without unfollowing people altogether. I've searched the internet for a solution but there doesn't seem to be a fix yet, just a bunch of other people asking the same question because they don't like it either.

I am NOT interested in getting rid of Facebook altogether. I am also not interested in unfollowing everyone altogether. I went a couple years without newsfeed and liked it, but recently I've had enough friends that I really want to hear from that it's very inconvenient to not get newsfeed and have to keep checking everyone's page.

I saw the absolute most disgusting thing ever on my feed last night where some lady was telling her son that hypothetically if she died, she would not want him to use her death as an excuse to do bad things. YUCK!!!!!! OF COURSE I'M GONNA DO BAD THINGS IF BAD THINGS HAPPEN!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!! I do good things when good things happen, I do bad things when bad things happen. It's extremely simple to understand. If something really bad happened to me, I would trash my place to the point that you would seriously need to go to the doctor and get a fucking tetanus shot just to walk in my place because there would be contaminated shards of glass everywhere. I will NEVER grieve in a positive way. I will NEVER be nice to someone who wasn't nice to me. And I will NEVER get over anything or forgive anyone and move on. EVER!!!!!!!!

I don't understand why this fucking lady got to invade my world like this. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HER!!!!!!!! I did NOT consent to hearing anything she had to say. She was on my newsfeed because a friend *liked* her post. Just liked it. Didn't even share it or anything, literally just liked it without even having the intention of it showing up on everyone's feed.

So then this morning, I have to see some other "Life's too short not be happy" thing because of a fucking *like* when I have so carefully unfollowed everyone who posts things like that. Seriously, I've done everything in my power to cut positive people out of my life, and now Facebook is forcing positive shit down my throat from people I don't even fucking know!!!!!!

You know, I'd get it if I got feed like, "Your friend likes this brand of shampoo," because then they're just trying to sell me the shampoo. But why on earth would I want to hear from people I've never even met, if I didn't seek them out myself? Facebook is not Pinterest! I should not be getting recommendations of people I've never fucking met because of "common interests" or whatever. Pinterest misreads my interests sometimes and gives me stuff that's the opposite of what I'm looking for, but it also gets me right a lot of the time. Facebook doesn't. I know someday Facebook will change because enough of us have complained about it, but I AM SICK OF THIS!!!!!!!! I do EVERYTHING in my power to keep positivity and responsibility out of my life and my newsfeed, and it just keeps happening again and again and I am SICK OF IT!!!! It's an endless battle of "hide all from" people I don't even know!

I think from now on, I need to look first at the post description that says, "So and so liked/shared..." and NEVER click on anything that anyone just *likes.* No one likes stuff with the intention of sharing it with friends anyway, because that's what actual sharing is for.

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