Friday, August 28, 2015

Attention Expectation Disorder

In the past few decades, there has been a rampant disorder sweeping the nation know as Attention Expectation Disorder, or AED for short. Individuals who suffer from this condition place expectations on other people's attention. Symptoms include:

1. Expecting people (especially children) to pay attention to things that they are not interested in.
2. Expecting people (especially children) to pay attention to things longer than they want to.
3. Expecting people (especially children) to sit still when they don't feel like it.
4. Attempting to manipulate other people's bodily movements by pushing them to sit still when they want to run and jump around, and also pushing them to join organized sports teams as an outlet for their energy when they want to sit on the couch and play video games.
5. Calling things that people truly want to pay attention to "distractions."
6. Doing bad things to people who do not conform to your attention expectations.

Other common symptoms include denial and projection. Individuals with AED tend to not only deny that they suffer from this disorder, but project their disorder onto people who do not meet their attention expectations.

AED is also known to be contagious. An adult who does not have AED can develop this disorder from close contact with other adults who have it.

If you know an individual who suffers from Attention Expectation Disorder, reach out to them today and help them seek treatment! Together, we will find a cure!

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