Thursday, July 16, 2015

Weird Happenings...

Something freaky happened on Facebook this morning. I got a notification that a Facebook page I follow called "Unschool Cool" changed its name to "No Longer Associated with Unschoolers." I was completely crushed. I did not understand how they could do this to me and all their followers. It made no sense. They were unschooling their own child already, so how did they decide not to associate with unschoolers? And even if they had stopped unschooling their child, why would they keep the Facebook page and call it "No Longer Associated with Unschoolers?" Like, if they're not into unschooling anymore, wouldn't they just delete that page and get a new one, or change the name of the page to what it IS going to be about going forward, instead of what it's not about? This made no sense, and there was nothing posted to the page as an explanation.

Then, less than half an hour after I got the first notification, my phone buzzed again with a new FB notification. The name was changed back to "Unschool Cool." There was no message about why this happened, so my first thought was that it must have just been a fluke. Like, maybe a member of the page author's family changed the name as a joke or something. That seemed most likely. But what's concerning me is this...

I think someone tried to hack my Facebook this past April. On April 1st, I got an email at 4:30 AM telling me that someone had requested a new password for my Facebook account. I did not request a password change. And that's not how changing a password works anyway. To change your Facebook password, you do it directly on Facebook. You don't have to go through your email. But you need your old password to change it through Facebook. You would only go through your email account if you forgot your old password. I got three emails in a row from Facebook at 4:30 AM that day saying that I had requested a password change, when I had not. Now, I suppose this could be a glitch, but it sounds to me like someone might have been trying to log into my account without having my password, and they did it three times in a row.

Now, I KNOW that this could just be a system glitch. It's just that I've had Facebook for 9 years now and this has never happened before. I have also never known anyone whom I would suspect would try to hack my account until very recently, so it seems a bit too coincidental that this would happen now.

And maybe the Unschooling page has nothing to do with this, but there is just something very weird about it. And the more I read that name "No Longer Associated with Unschoolers," it just doesn't sound right. It sounds too familiar, too much like something that I would say, or that someone else might say...I mean, I'm not the best judge of writing style, but I just feel suspicious about both of these incidents happening.

Also worth noting is that Unschool Cool has 950 followers, which is a lot, but relatively speaking it's not some big corporation with a gazillion followers where it would be ridiculous to think that I know the person who hacked it.

If anyone has any information relating to this, like any other strange happenings around the same time of these incidents, I would really appreciate it.

I will also take this time to remind people that one of my best friends is a super genius hacker who has already traced "anonymous" comments back to the source for me, and they will totally get involved in this case if I ask them to.

(If you have no idea what this is about, don't worry. And it's not about my ex boyfriend).

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