Tuesday, July 7, 2015


This is the last time I ever make tentative wait-till-the-last-minute plans with ANYONE. EVER. I want to know on MONDAY that I have awesome fun plans over the weekend and think about that ALL WEEK LONG!!!!!!! I am not willing to not hear back from people until later in the week. NOT NOT NOT NOT OKAY!!!! If this doesn't go through, I will basically lose my opportunity to make super awesome fun plans with anyone else this weekend because I'll find out too late and other people will have already made plans that don't involve me. I am not doing this again. Ever. If you can't give me an answer right away or if you're not gonna respond to me when I call a gazillion times, then we can't make plans together because I don't do last minute plans. I want to feel super safe and secure that thing are gonna happen and I am ONLY willing to spend my time fantasizing about those things, not waiting for an answer. Yes I'm serious. I'm not doing this again. I wish I could, but if no one answers me, then I can't.

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