Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Psych Major

Sometimes I forget that I'm a psych major. Or was a psych major. It was a long time ago, but my psych major tendencies have stuck with me. They're in my writing. They're in the way that I analyze situations. My interest in psychology, and the fact that I have been a psych major, run studies that I came up with, and written journal-style psych papers is an inherent part of how I think about things, and will probably always be a part of me. And I think sometimes, the psych major is such a part of me that I forget it's there. I forget that psychology is a field that everyone hasn't studied. I forget that I'm writing in a way that is more technical and harder to understand than a short story.

I didn't think the unschooling post was technical when I first wrote it. I know that probably sounds weird, but having been a psych major, I wasn't comparing the style of that post to the style of my other blog posts. I was comparing it to the psych papers I've read, and I knew that my tone was much more casual and much less technical. I knew that what I did was too biased and subjective to be a real psych study. It could not be replicated, and it was clearly not something I could submit to a psychology journal. It was a personal experiment that I wanted to analyze and write up like a regular study.

I recently talked with my mom about about the unschooling post. I didn't read the whole post to her, but I explained what it was about, and how I didn't get the attention and responses that I've gotten in the past when I've shared things with my friends. We talked for a long time about the essay, and when I gave her a summary and read a few excerpts of the explanations, my mom said that it did sound very analytical, and that everyone might not understand the results or what the purpose of the study was. That makes sense to me now that my mom and I talked about it. I guess that post is really different from other things that I've shared and gotten instant positive feedback on. I didn't realize that at the time. That post came naturally to me because I've been a psych major. The way the post was organized is basically the way the information was organized in my mind. It's such an inherent part of the way I think that I forget that it's different from writing a regular story about something that happened to me.

I don't know exactly where the unschooling post belongs - it can't be a real psych study, but it seems too technical to go viral on the internet like I had hoped it would. I think I need more of a psych major audience - people who have done this sort of thing before and would be shocked by the graphs and by the 63% likeness score that I have with my unschooling self.

I'm still disappointed that I didn't get the attention and responses that I thought I would get on the unschooling post, but I guess it was just an issue of the post being too technical. I don't want to change the premise of the post because I've been wanting to do this analysis for a long time and write it up like a psych study. I'm still happy with the final result, and I will probably still do my supplementary post because I like it. But at least now I feel like it was the language and structure of that post that was the problem, not that people didn't care, and I can definitely post other emotionally intense things that are not psych studies and probably get a great response.

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