Wednesday, May 27, 2015

When I Say I'm the Neediest Person You'll Ever Meet, I MEAN IT!!!

So today marks 4 months since I last touched my validation book. I have no intention of picking it up again until I have an external reason to. I had to LIVE for THREE DAYS with someone who completely trashed my project and I am NEVER returning to the project until I have a three-day intensive session of being surrounded only by people who think my book is fucking awesome and are constantly validating me about it and giving me lots and lots and lots of positive attention for it. And no, one conversation will not cut it. One conversation will not undo the effects of three full days of living and sleeping with someone who was constantly trashing my project. I am looking to have a three day session of validation that is the same length and the same intensity as the invalidating session. And it has to be ALL validation and talking about how awesome I am and how awesome my book is going to be. Going out and doing something fun while not talking about it doesn't cut it. And there can be absolutely no invalidation during this three day session because I had no validation at all during my three day invalidation session. Even when I emailed people and begged them for validation, the only response I got was a sad face. Only when I have this validating session that is equal to the invalidating session will I continue writing the book. And that goes for my personality quiz book as well, because I also had those goals invalidated.

Today is also 2 months since I wrote the unschooling post, and I have yet to get any kind of response to it. This is the biggest and most important blog post I've done since The Unencrypted Truth. I have been thinking about this project for YEARS but just didn't have the means to do it because I couldn't find another place to take that personality test once the Facebook app glitched out. I was feeling really passionate and in my element when I wrote it, but I got no response. No shock value at all to all the extremely shocking differences that I uncovered. I don't think it was just a repeat of The Unencrypted Truth because this included stuff before college and I used an entirely different angle that showed literal proof that I've been damaged and that I should have been unschooled. The reason I haven't worked on my supplementary post, or my supplement to The Unencrypted Truth is because the last time I got really passionate and excited about a blog post, it ended with absolutely no response and I didn't even get to go out and celebrate my achievement because everyone was busy and it was old news by the time everyone wasn't busy.

So yeah, I'm not moving forward, I have not been working on projects, and I don't ever plan to until I'm getting all of the attention and validation and warm fuzzy cuddles that I desire.

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