Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Photo Essay (Sort of)

I don't want social approval for being socially desirable. I do not want any kind of relationship with people who like this Nikki:

But not this Nikki:

The undesirble things are WAY more reflective of my everyday life than the desirable things. The undesirable things ARE everyday life, while the desirable pictures cover a smaller portion of the time. It's just that if I post the "nice" pictures, people will latch onto that girl and think she's the person they're *really* dating. Everyone just projects what they want you to be onto you. They're not even looking at the whole picture of you - they're picking and choosing who they want you to be and only seeing the things they want to see.

If you think you can just be friends with or date the Nikki that you like and ignore the Nikki you don't like, it's not gonna work. I am a package deal, and all the stuff you don't want to see is just as much a part of me (and nowadays MORE a part of me) as all the pictures that you enjoy looking at.

I don't trust anyone who wants to date me to listen, which is why I will NOT share any nice aspects of myself until I know you're totally fine with everything else. I don't want to take a risk that you'll simply tolerate the bad stuff to get the good stuff, so I'm not gonna show anyone anything good at all.

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