Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Important Study Tip That No One in Schools Will Teach You

Have you ever heard that writing a song is a great way to remember information? I read about that technique when I was younger, and several of my teachers mentioned it. It makes sense when you think about it - most of us pick up song lyrics more easily than information we read. I've heard from people who have tried making up songs - usually changing the words to songs they already know - and found that they could remember information better that way.

What no one tells you is to be careful about changing the lyrics to songs you know and like, because you may find the new lyrics sticking in your head when you're not studying, when you just want to listen to or sing the original song. There's an ABBA song that I learned from Mamma Mia called "Chiquitita." The chorus of the song is, "Let me hear you sing once more/ like you did before/ sing a new song chiquitita." When I was in high school and I was studying for a history test, I noticed that the city Chichen Itza reminded me of the word Chiquitita. So I started singing to myself, "In the Yucatan Peninsula is the Mayan city Chichen Itza," in preparation for the history test. I regret that I did that, because now, when I think of the song "Chiquitita," I can still hear the lyrics about Chichen Itza. I don't CARE about Chichen Itza. I don't give a fuck about history. But I do love the musical Mamma Mia and I never should have linked a song a liked to some useless information that I never wanted to keep in my brain after the test.

So, yes putting information into a song can help you memorize it, but this is ONLY a good technique to use if you care more about the information than you do about the song, or about music or singing in general. How embarrassing would it be to go on American Idol and start singing about physics formulas instead of being in love?

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