Thursday, April 30, 2015

Count Me Out

I am NOT willing to live up to anyone's expectations. I've been stuck on this path of high expectations and I fucking hate it! When I was in school and my parents or teachers or other people would refer to "the kids who don't want to be here," they would never count me as part of that group. I'd tell my parents a gazillion times, "Yeah, but *I* don't want to be here either!" And they'd just say, "That's different," or "Well, you know what I mean." So not only was I forced to be in school against my will, but I was not even able to identify and be recognized as one of the kids who didn't want to be there. "Those kids" were different because they didn't have their parents pushing them to behave and do well in spite of not wanting to. I never got to be one of them. Seriously, the most anti-education, anti-intellectual person you'll probably ever meet was 8th in her graduating class. I betcha most of those kids who didn't wanna be there gave more of a fuck about educational stuff than I did.

I miss my high school gang. I miss the too cool for school kids. I miss the too cool for anything kids. But they all grew up to become good productive citizens.

Sometimes I see things on Facebook or Twitter where people are surprised that all of their friends are only writing things about their personal lives and aren't sharing and commenting on links about important issues. I am so jealous when I read stuff like that. I'd give anything to be surrounded only by people who write about their own lives and never say anything about important issues, but I'm stuck on this college/hippie/liberal arts/intellectual path of life that I just have never been able to fully escape from since I went to Colby. So I just wanna say this once and for all: I only write about my personal life. I will never share or retweet anything even remotely educational, intelligent, or political. I'm saying this now so that no one will have unrealistic expectations of me. If everyone continues to have these expectations of me after I said no, that is not okay and we should probably not be friends.

So the next time you all are surprised that more people aren't talking about one thing or another, please count me out of your surprise. There is no reason to be surprised about something that you know for an absolute fact.

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