Monday, March 23, 2015


I went indoor skydiving yesterday and it was sooooooo awesome! My friends and I got to fly for two minutes, just suspended on the air, and it was the coolest feeling ever! I was pretty nervous leading up to it. I thought I'd be way more scared than I was, but it wasn't that scary because I didn't have to jump, you just lean forward and fly! The instructor also stayed with us the whole time so we didn't start flying out of control. It was so cool. I spent pretty much the whole time afterwards just reliving that moment and feeling like I was still flying. And what's cool is that I was actually better at it than I imagined I'd be. I managed to stay in the right position without the instructor's help. Sometimes I purposely started shifting position because I was worried about going up too high, but I didn't really lose my balance. I think I could actually get good at indoor skydiving and learn to do tricks and stuff if I went a few more times.

I had such an awesome weekend with my friends. I have the absolute best friends in the whole world. We just fit so perfectly together and we can be ourselves around each other. I can't wait to see my friends again soon.

Blog update: I am still working on the personality trait post. It's taking a bit longer than I anticipated because it's going to be an extra-special post like The Unencrypted Truth, but not as long. This will probably be the most important post I've written in a while. One of my friends is helping me to edit it - there is nothing quite as sweet as cuddling and editing at the same time. My friend promised to share the link on their Facebook wall, which means that I need to make sure the post is clear and easy to understand for people who do not know me personally and have not already been following my blog. This is an opportunity for new readership, so I want to make sure the post is perfect. I'm about 80 percent finished.

Things on my blog to-do list:
1. Personality trait post - this is my main project at the moment
2. Supplements to the personality trait post - a continuation of the same personality study using different tests.
3. List of 100+ reasons why I never plan to grow up - this will be a series of posts
4. Why I'm not interested in vicariousness.
5. How to build a dismantling machine.
6. #Dearme video
7. Identifying with villains - I recently realized that I can identify a lot more with villains than I can with heroes.  This started in college and increased when my ex and I broke up. I'm planning to do a series of posts where I explain why I can identify with the villains in various stories.

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