Monday, February 2, 2015

More Quiz Results

So, I decided to retake some of my favorite American Girl quizzes and rate my answer choices with points instead of just picking one choice. So if there are 6 possible answer choices, I'd give myself 5 points for my first choice, 4 for my second, down to zero for my last choice. I've taken a couple of quizzes this way before, and I find it really fun. It also feels more accurate in some cases. When quizzes have a lot of choices, I usually have more than one choice I'd like to pick, and I have a hard time deciding. When there are 5-6 answer choices, I feel like my second and third choices still say a lot about me. There was one quiz that asked about your dream career, and I had to choose between being a quiz book editor, the star of a hit TV show, or the star dancer in a ballet company. Those are literally all my top favorite things to be, and it really felt like a coin toss between the quiz editor and TV star.

So, here are all of my results when I assign 0-5 or 0-6 points to each answer choice:

Help Wanted (What kind of job is right for you):

Answer Choices
My Scores on this quiz:
Animal Magnet: 0
Personal Girl: 16
Dedicated Dreamer: 13
Science Whiz: 9
Imaginative Creator: 22

This quiz came out exactly as I expected, with the imaginative creator being above the others. The only jobs that really interest me fall into the imaginative creator category. I expected personal girl and dedicated dreamer to be my next choices, because they also interest me even though I am not looking for a career in those fields.

Starring You (Your personality, based on your dreams of the future):

Answer Choices

My Scores:
Mostly A's: 10
Mostly B's: 20
Mostly C's: 15
Mostly D's: 14
Mostly E's:   1

My scores came out slightly different than I expected on this quiz. While I knew that B, C, and D were all me and would be higher than the other two choices, I was a bit surprised that B was my highest score since the description involves being carefree and studying with buddies. I had expected that C would be my top choice, followed closely by B and D. I think the reason I got mostly B's is that B represents fun. Like, of the five choices, B seems like the person who puts fun as their highest priority, which definitely fits me. This is an interesting quiz. On quizzes, fun is normally associated with extroversion and wanting to be around lots of people, which is why I often *don't* come out as a fun-seeker even though fun is my priority. I think the reason this quiz was accurate in that way is that it's all about inner desires rather than what you are currently doing. I usually liked choice B because it involved being on celebrity talk shows and magazines and stuff like that. And from those interests, the results led me to the right answer of what I value. But if the quiz had asked me about what I like to do in real life, it probably would have told me that I *didn't* want to be a big celebrity star just because I'm not interested in being social (seriously, I don't know how these things are related). So when the quiz is all about what you want hypothetically, there is a different kind of accuracy that you get. I'll definitely have to write a few quizzes that are all hypothetical and see how they work out.

What Kind of Bird Are You?
Answer Choices

My Scores:
Swan: 7
Owl: 20
Dove: 14
Peacock: 17
Parrot: 21
Eagle: 11

This quiz was very accurate for me. The owl, peacock, and parrot are definitely the ones that fit me the best. When it comes to the owl, I actually *don't* like knowledge, but most of the owl answer choices involved loving to read. So if I go by what I think the owl would be, based on the answers rather than the description (because you can love to read just for fun and not for knowledge), then it fits me. 

Pup Quiz (What kind of dog are you?)

Answer Choices

My Scores:
Poodle: 15
Airdale terrier: 9
Greyhound: 12
Cocker spaniel: 23
Saint Bernard: 18
Golden retriever: 13

On this quiz, I feel like I have a little bit of almost all of the choices - there isn't really one that jumps out as "me" more than the others. I was all over the place when I was taking this quiz. There wasn't one answer choice that I found myself picking consistently. The cocker spaniel, greyhound, and poodle fit me the best, and I would say that they're all equally true. (I'm not the elegant part of the poodle description or the comedian part of the cocker spaniel, but the rest of the traits fit). I got a lot of points for the Saint Bernard, which involves being very close to family and friends just like the greyhound. However, the greyhound fits me much more because the entire description is true for me, but for the Saint Bernard, the only part of the description that fits is the part about being close to family and friends. I would put the golden retriever on the same level as the Saint Bernard because the part about having fun fits me, but not the rest of the description. 

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