Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I don't like people

I don't like people and I don't have any interest in standing in a circle holding hands and getting along. I have no interest in getting along. I hate most people and I dont want most people to be in my life. Most people don't accept me and my life choices and I don't have any interest in being with them. I don't want to expand my social circle. I want to cling tight to a few people and ignore the rest of the world.

People are always pushing people on me. I am tired of everyone assuming that I like social interacrion and want to meet people without asking me. I am tired of people acting like I'm supposed to feel a certain way about someone because of who they are. "She's your mom!" "She's your grandma!" And other things like that are not okay. If I have a problem with someone then I have a  problem with them and I am not going to treat them any special way because of our relationship. I'm not. And I am tired of people not acceping it when I say that I am done with someone and not speaking to them again. I am tired of people expecting me to forgive people or take them back when I have never said that I want to do that. I am tired of people expecting me to pursue relationships that I just don't feel like pursing. I'm at a point now where I don't even want to share things like, "I had a nice time with this person" because I'm just gonna get pressured to try to see them again even if I never felt like it or to keep them as a friend even if they've done things that make me not want to speak to them again. All those happy time s are just gonna get used against me when I don't want to hang out  with someone or be friends anymore. I DO NOT WANT PEOPLE PUSHED ON ME. I really hate people and I don't have an interest in making things work. If I don't want to talk to someone that is my own business.

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